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May 20, 2008



ok I'm crying now too! What a great family you are, I'm thinking of you guys and sending lots of love.


Ok you had me crying like big blubbering idiot. Stop IT!

Give me a call if you need anything.


I love you all. Give each other big hugs and squeezes from auntie angie. I wish we lived closer to play away some of the sad moments. Call when you need to. Happy Birthday Daziel Hugo! I love you!


Had me crying too, I know it must be hard on all of you, but I know you are a wonderful Mom and you will keep it together.

Jamie H

Yep! I was blubbering like an idiot too. I know it is hard for you all, but I know y'all will make it through. Let Craig know that he is in our prayers. You and the kids will be in my prayers each day. Let me know if you need anything!


You are a superior family!!! You have my prayers!!! Love you!!!

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