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July 26, 2009



How funny is it that we ate there Friday night? Great minds think alike!


Thank You for sharing that Charity...I personally needed that, and I intend to reprint and share it at work. I am so glad you found a touch of Alabama in Japan. Glad you have your "Sunday Tradition" too!!!!I miss you all, Love Ya'll


Yum, been wanting to try Naps for a while - even passed by it after lunch on Wednesday thinking to get it for dinner, but I was way too stuffed to think about food!


what's up, Buttercup?


How awesome is that list??? Very cool that y'all were able to find a little reminder of Bama in Japan. You know...I found a reminder of you today while getting some scrapbook stuff out for my neighbor. Man do I miss our late night get togethers!!! Talk to you soon:-)

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