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July 12, 2007



Cute pages!! We miss you guys...when are you going visit? Glad you are having a fun summer!!! have a great day!!

Steph Ramirez

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE...Wow! So glad to have you to talk about it with again! I like so many of the dancers at this point...Im just not sure! Fill me in on who you are cheering for! SUMMER IS GLORIOUS!


we like the new show with Wayne Brady and the stupid singers that don't know the words to the songs!!! we haven't really watched the dance show. daziel just left, they stopped by for a quick visit...he is getting so tall! we are loving summer here too and not doing much! we play and play and hang out and play...it's great, I wasted a lot of summers!!!


Glad you are back online- I get bored at work when I can't check up on everyone. I will try to call again soon, have a great weekend.


Where did you get that picture of me????? I can't believe how big that hair looks!!!funny
I can't wait for this weekend and the chance to see everyone in Cheney. I am looking soooo forward to those big hugs Daz gives. Wish you could all be there too but I'll just have to start saving for another plane ticket!!!
Have more lazy daze of summer,love you all,....ya ya

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