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October 16, 2007



Wanna know what I did when I didn't get praise for my grades, which weren't so bad? I left home...there was this pretty little blond-haired girl staring at me, waving and crying as I drove away down the driveway. Sure, not the only reason...but a big part of it...too much criticism. Be careful!

On another note; Allyssa, your scrapbook page turned out wonderful little girl. Great job! Great job to all of you for doing such a good job living!


Sounds like you guys sure are keeping busy as usual! I think you have every right to be proud of your kiddos, sounds like they are wonderful. Hope all is well down south, do you know where Missy's been- hope shes ok. No baby yet, could be anyday! Talk to you all soon


Hey, I'm talking about Daz...and the criticism. I am not talking about not being proud of your kids.


ps. I will be reading the blog to keep up on everything, but I'm not going to really post comments anymore:-)


too much chance for misunderstandings!

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