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August 12, 2008



Great job Allyssa way to go! I am loving the Olympics this summer, every night it has been a great show. I find myself yelling go, go, go or even doing a fist pump when they touch the wall. The swimming has been amazing, McKenna and I are going to go today since it put us in the swimming mood. I think Allyssa needs to keep up with swimming since have you seen those male swimmer bodies- I mean hello there are some muscles there I didn't even know men were supposed to have and I got an A in anatomy- it has been great to watch. Give your kiddos a squeeze and keep up the good work!


Hey! I think it is awesome that Allyssa has that dream...AND if someone asked me to name one child that I thought might one day end up in the Olympics, it would be Allyssa. She has that drive, passion, and determination it requires. In fact, she sort of reminds me of someone I know...don't know who that could be...initials are CFZ!!! Encourage and support her, and when she makes it to the Olympics, I will be screaming at my TV just like I do for Michael Phelps!

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