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September 09, 2009


Sharon Firestone

Here's my best shot:A. long wall/entry-smiley yellow;B. short wall/entry-Blessings red; C. hall closet/organizing green; D. short wall/lvg rm-overalls blue; E. long wall/livg rm-bookcase kahki; F. the other short and long walls in lvg rm-watercan blue; G. dining rm- Stars & Stripes blue

This was flippin' hard- I know I'm off on a few...can't wait to see a few more guess..Love


ok, here's mine...
a. overalls blue
b. smiley yellow
c. organizing green
d. stars and stripes blue
e. blessings red
f. bookcase khaki
g. watering can blue

that's what I got...man girl, lots of colors! love you.

Jamie Haynes <-notice the Haynes ;-)

a) long wall in entryway - Stars & Stripes Blue

b) short wall in entryway - Smiley Yellow

c) hall closet - Water Can Blue

d) 1 short wall in living room - Blessings Red

e) 1 long wall in living room -Overalls Blue

f) the other short and long walls in living room - Bookcase Khaki

g) dining room - Organizing Green

If the Water Can Blue was a trick question I don't think I can forgive you! Love the colors! ~ Jamie

Sharon Firestone

Come on people...comments please! I'm dying to get the results.....lol Love ya'all


I'll be honest with you: I haven't got a clue. I keep checking back to see if you've posted the answers/pics yet, and you haven't, and I'm still not any closer to taking any guesses (ie; stabs in the dark). Do us all a favor, and post the results ASAP! We're losing sleep due to the suspense (okay, maybe that's an exaggeration) - but still - end the suspense already! Can't wait to see the MAGIC you've worked on your new home! Love, Lindsey

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