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September 06, 2009



Right now I am trying to figure out what time it is over there and not succeeding. We miss y'all a whole lot and you have definitely been on my mind.

Glad to hear that you and Craig survived the build and can't wait to see the pics! Talk to you soon!

Sharon Firestone

I was going to explain to your friend how I figure the time and then realized that would just be toooo confusing...lol I love the ramblings...it's almost like being on the phone with you for an hour. I did enjoy talking to you last night kiddo. I love the pics and the stories about the kids. I don't know how I could handle this distance without them. Love You...Kids, Hugs and Kisses. Gramma


Jamie, I'm fourteen hours ahead of central time. So, add two hours to your time and then flip it to the opposite time of day. So if it's 7am Monday there, it's 9pm Monday for me. If it's 5pm Tuesday, it's 7am Wednesday, etc. I hope that helps!

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