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September 13, 2009


the Provident Woman

Your daughter and I share a birthday.

Sharon Firestone

Drive me flippen' crazy!!!!!! So just tell me, how many did I get right? I've been flipping this thing up and down trying to match things up till I'm dizzy!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and Congratulations Ang and Jamie! How the heck did anyone get that "water can" one???? That WAS a trick question!!!!! But I'll forgive you because it's your Birthday and I love you!
Happy Birthday, Love You, Mom

Sharon Firestone

Not to confuse anyone-your birthday (Japan time)


Ha ha! Mom, you got one right!! ;-) Call me and we'll talk! LOVE YOU!


so did I only get 3 right? that sucks...I thought I'd get more! leave it to me to not be satisfied with a winning guess...

Jamie Haynes <-notice the Haynes ;-)

Yay, I'll be there soon!! Although I'm with Ang I really wanted a 100% on this. I put a lot of thought into it!

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